AKA my God disclaimer.

Life By The Book? Seriously? You betcha, my Possibility Pals! Why do I believe and advocate that Life by the book is best?

While this is not a religious site (I am NOT a “religious” person by MY definition, though I AM a follower of Christ) it IS a site that encompasses all that I believe is needed to make someone a solid, strong, empowered person who knows who they were created to BE in order to DO what they were created to DO in this life.

And, since I believe the Bible is our Creator’s Word, when it comes to that “creation” it’s very profitable for teaching & learning and when used as a basis for life, I think it just makes every aspect of life better.

So, you WILL occasionally find quotes, images, articles, et al here that do make reference to God & The Bible. And, my fine feathered friends, you are happily
invited to ignore them if you need to.

These ideas are NOT open for debate or discussion since I dealt with all of that years ago and now KNOW in my “KNOWER” that I am absolutely positively right-
I mean, what are you gonna do when your Knower knows?

And naturally, it’s my hope that you will discover the same power for yourself.
If not, we can still be friends, I’ll still invite you to my online BBQ’s when I have them, and you can still learn a lot from some of the things you will find here.

And naturally, by default, this is also a site where hatred or meanness will not be tolerated. I try very hard (and fail quite often since I’m married to sarcasm) to
follow Christ’s commandment to “walk in Love”, so sarcasm aside, we walk in Love here, and offer Grace smoothies along with any disagreements.

I mean, who better to get advice from than the manufacturer or from the owner's manual? Click To Tweet

However, the main reason you will (and should) find Biblical posts, quotes, texts etc mixed about on my site and profiles, is that my basic premise is, “strong empowered people do life better”.

Once you’ve dismissed what everyone else says, and have thoroughly sought, searched and come to know in YOUR “Knower” what you believe and why, you
need to own it and it (should) become a natural part of who you ARE.

It will radiate from your pores, determine your choices, guide your journey & empower your progress.

So, IF I truly DO believe that God’s Word has the keys for Success in Life, then
I would be a self-centered, selfish piece of GenX Boomer Sludge to not share that information with anyone who might find solace or even their own success with it.

…and I may be a LOT Of things, but selfish is not one of them. ­čĄú

Love Ya, Mean It!

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