100 Movies Get Funk

100 Movies Dance Video.

Had to embed it here, it’s so good, I wanted everyone to see it

If you Love movies and you Love music- you gotta watch it

video embedded from What’s the Mashup ?

Self Esteem Matters


Self esteem is an important part of our makeup.  As humans we need to believe that we
are worthy and that we matter to others.

Having low self esteem is NOT- I repeat NOT- fixed by you or others simply telling
you how great you are, it is a direct result of knowing your value based on
understanding who you.

Simple, but as with all things in life,  not always easy.



Stuntmen Do It Better With Rexona!!

This Rexona deodorant commercial is one of the best commercials EVER!

Watch the video below.
You’ll get a nice chuckle out of it and your day will be a lot better.

Trust me. Laughter makes Everything better!

Never Get Your News From Social Media

or any other site that is NOT a pure news site.

Getting your news from social media platforms is almost as foolish
as getting your diseases diagnosed there.

Getting your news from #socialmedia is almost as foolish as getting your diseases diagnosed there. Click To Tweet

Not only will the results be skewed based on personal agenda’s
of the site owner, the page owner or others,
but the comments are usually SO full of hate and idiocy
that the mind cringes at being exposed to such waste.

Find a trusted (vetted) news source that you have personally
checked out and get your news from there. 

Your mind will thank you as well as your stomach


Google Plus Did Not Have To Fail

The recent news from #google regarding how they are basically
throwing Google Plus under the bus is just sad.

…and a total waste of possibilities.

Google+ had a lot of good features & such wonderful potential.
They could have easily been a major Facebook contender had they
simply asked people like ME.

Yep, you heard me. Me.

Not that I am so wonderful (although I am), but more so because
as a normal social human with great assessment skills,
who uses the heck out of social platforms
like Facebook, I’m able to see the obvious flaws that if changed
would create the social media platform of our dreams.

Rather than try to be a Facebook wannabe and fail –
there already IS a Facebook after all-

I would have created G+ Platinum and we would have
Ruled The World!!
(OK mayhap I am getting slightly carried away…but ONLY slightly)

I would have created G+ Platinum and we would have Ruled The World!! Click To Tweet

With the voices of Google decision makers muffled,
the power and skill of google tech staff behind me
and the wisdom of what people want and will use that I possess,
I am convinced Google would have said goodbye to NOT another
social platform

but to their reputation as social failures.

Google has a terrible habit of failing at social mainly, I am convinced
from years of watching them, because they do not seem to notice the
important things, LIKE what their major problem is.

It’s very simple, “Google can’t see the social forest for the techie trees”.


Google, you should have called because now we ALL lose.

Google, you should have called. Click To Tweet


Bad Customer Service?

Here’s a meddle I wrote on the importance on keeping customers
after spending the money to GET them. Good customer service is So important
and helps make the overall customer experience A-1

Pure common sense, which I am afraid isn’t nearly as common as I wish it were.

Frizzy Hair Problems

Not sure which is worse, naturally curly hair, fine straight hair, or frizzy hair
but one thing’s for sure, this poor girl’s beauty routine sucks.


Dont’ miss the ending.

Posted by Durga Jasraj on Thursday, July 25, 2013

102 Year Old Dancer Finally Sees Self On Film

Wave 105 posted a great video of 102 year old dancer, Alice Barker.

Ms Barker was once a dancer and a gorgeous one to boot. She was tickled to
be able to go back in time and reminiscence over her earlier career,
and when asked what she thought, she said she wanted to jump out of the bed and do it all again!

Priceless video. Had to embed it here so I could find it again, AND share it with others.

Alice Barker is 102 years old, was a famous dancer in the 30s, but never saw herself on screen until now. Video credit: Tenfresh.

Posted by Wave 105 on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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