Our future is
going to be a lot different
than we think …or don’think

We are going to
have quite a loss in the world
with our children now growing
up without the need to use
imagination and creativity
in their daily life

The lack of personal silence
for reflecting and determining
what we believe is also going
to be sorely missed

The Power of #PAUSE
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Welcome Spring! ❤
We’re SO excited you’re here

The Power of #PAUSE
#DoOver #LifeBTB

I’d love to know your thoughts U+1f338

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Can I Pick Your Brain?


Can I pick your brain?

“I would just love to pick your brain over a cup of coffee.”

“Hey, would you mind doing me a huge favor and look over my project?
My ebook? My idea? My business?

“Hey would you mind handing me 200 bucks out of your pocket?” or
“Hey, I would love to extract all the expertise from your brain in
exchange for a $3 cup of coffee. Will you let me?”
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And of course, when you turn down these most lucrative requests or
ignore the email, the comments  quickly become “that arrogant, `thinks she’s
too good for anyone`, jerk” and let’s not forget,  the old faithful, “What a bitch!”

Do you think you’re the first person to come up with this great idea?

Most likely, they are getting tons of emails/requests to do this and
even if they accepted a minimal 4-6 a week, that’s a lost day in their life,
the life of their family and their bank account.

Why would ANYONE expect ANYONE to do that?

When you ask someone to give you a discount or worse, do something
for you for free or as a favor, you are telling them that you don’t believe
their time is of any value -at least not to you.

You are saying, “I value ME more than I value YOU or your time,
so please do this for ME for free.”

When you ask someone for a freebie, you are stating that
their time, energy or product has a value of zero. Actually,
you are asking them to hand you money.

IF their product is worth 200 bucks, and you asked for a 50% discount
– you just asked them to hand you 100 bucks.

If they get 150 bucks an hour (whether you think they deserve it or not
is immaterial) and you ask to pick their brain for an hour, you’ve just
asked them to hand you 150 bucks.

This might be OK if you are old friends or close family, BUT most of the
time it’s not a friend or family member, it’s a stranger, and it’s NOT OK.

It is rude and insulting.

So before you ask someone to give you a handout,
ask yourself from which angle you’re coming from-
the close friend, family member OR the rude insulting stranger.

Yep, I said it.  Someone needed to. So just STOP it!

Living with Purpose & Passion,

Are Parents Too Distracted by Technology?


Parents Start Your Engines. It’s almost time for your six plus month
abandonment of your family.


That’s right, according to Nielsen, the average person is way
too distracted with technology and now spends
11 hours a day ON gadgets -and 7 hours and 15 minutes
of that time is spent on TV, smart phones and computers.

That is 2,610 hours a year,
that is THOUSAND) OR 194 (15 hour) days,
OR (6.46) almost 7 months of life
that is NEVER EVER replaced.

What does that mean for your kids, your family?

It means that the average person spends almost 7 months
every year totally UNconnected from the people in their life
that need them the most or that mean the most to them.

This does not include the 8-10 hours each day that everyone
is at work or commuting- although some of the working stats
of the tech may be during the time at work.

And these stats are from 2014
… do you think it has gotten any better?

No decent person would dream of getting into a car and just
abandoning their loved ones- especially children who need constant
(daily) guidance, love and nurturing-for almost 7 months every year.

I know to some of you this sounds ridiculous and even harsh, BUT
it is not really as far off as you might think.

Do your own research

Pay attention to those around you when you go out… watch the
parents on their phones while walking through the stores, the parking lots,
sitting in restaurants or even at stop lights.

Time that used to be spent talking (even if just light-hearted & superficial)
AND PAYING ATTENTION to those in the car with them, is now spent
texting, or talking on the phone to someone.

Kids who have been at daycare all day WANT AND NEED to reconnect
with parents, and have some undivided attention, and it not only doesn’t
happen, I have seen parents yell at, insult, or just admonish with a dirty look
a child who is vying for their attention while they are on that blasted phone.

Valuable (irreplaceable) time and memories are being lost.

Irreplaceable time & memories are lost when we are #disconnected. #Family #Tech Click To Tweet

We would all benefit from being a little more focused and aware
of what we are doing.

Some of you may say that I have no idea what happens during the
other times when I do not see those people. Sorry, but as a busy,
working mom, I do know what goes one.

Racing around, running errands, getting dinner, doing laundry, cleaning
up after dinner, getting baths, and then bed.

The family, the beloved spouse, the precious kids are lost in the shuffle,
UNLESS someone makes it their business to disconnect from the tech
and make them a daily priority.

And the frustrating thing is just like the old farmer said, “The trouble
with cows is they don’t stay milked”.

Like the old farmer said, 'The trouble with cows is they don't stay milked' #family #parenting #LifeBTB Click To Tweet

The trouble with relationships is they don’t STAY fed or attended to.
You can’t give attention on the weekends, and tell yourself that they
should be fine until next weekend.

Kids are needy… and seeing to those needs is not just good parenting,
it’s also smart parenting, if you want them to grow up to NOT be needy.
They need parenting every day and spouses need our attention.

#Relationships take #time & time is not a renewable commodity. #FamilyAdvocate #LifeBTB Click To Tweet


We only have 24 hours each day and when you deduct for sleep
and those times when we must be away from the family, the
rest of the hours need to be VERY CAREFULLY prioritized and allotted.

You can read the interesting report yourself, here at Geek Wire

Take Action

While I hope I haven’t offended anyone (at least not too badly),
I am more hopeful that I got your attention.

So…rather than argue with me, defend the current trends,
make excuses, deny your guilt (if any), how about just
taking an assessment of YOUR life, being brutally honest
about your time and how you spend it, and then if you need to,
apologize to your special people BUT then take action to
reconnect and put the tech gadgets where they belong.

For the computer or smart phone, that means turned off
at least until the little ones are in bed and during the times
your spouse wants some of your sexy self
(YES, this matters too, but that is a whole different article)

… and for the TV that may be in a closet, or even the trash!


Prioritize your life. Especially if you have a family. Put them
where they belong on your list and that is NOT after your career.

NO ONE is so important that others need 24/7 access to them
unless it is a special situation.

Careers come and go, Family doesn’t (well unless you lose them
due to neglect & disconnect)

To your Best Life,


How Followers Start Your Movement


A leader needs followers. Otherwise he is simply one lone person
and one lone person can’t do nearly as much as a giant “movement”

Starting a movement based on your passion is not only fantastic
(unless you AND your passion are screwed up and hate filled),
but pretty much necessary IF your passion includes helping others,
making a difference or changing the world.

In this “Ted Talk” video Derek Sivers explains quickly and efficiently,
how to start a movement, so it was just easier to include it
and allow you to watch it for yourself.

And then there is this one… which I add as much for my own
delight, as for further explanation, and although it is less obvious
as the example above, it is still a wonderful example of a movement.

Voted as one of the BEST examples of a flash mob, which is basically
a mob of people who began singing and dancing in what seems at first
like a unrehearsed free for all, (but is really a short choreographed performance),
in public places to the delight of those who were lucky enough to catch it

Make it interesting to enough people, make it FUN (if you can), appeal
to the egos and passions of those you want to join you, and
use some entertaining techniques that appeal to many and you have a movement

Hint: you also gain the approval of those who are on the sidelines.

So, decide what you want to do about what you feel strongly about
and realize that you need to just get started.

BUT, where do you begin?  Didn’t you watch the videos? Especially
the second one?

You begin at the beginning. It is always a very nice place to start.

To Successful Beginnings,



Welcome October


The beginning of the “Most wonderful time of the year.”

From October 1st thru January 3, I am in either Seventh Heaven or Hog Heaven (depending on how well you like me) and thoroughly Loving every single day.

The cool crisp air that turns into (sort of) cold air with warm comfort foods and snuggly clothes and blankets while enjoying a lazy fire (roaring fires are for snow days and blizzards) with those you love.

Don’t have any “those you loves” Go get some. No one should ever be alone (not even if you want to) since we are created to be relational creatures.

If you seriously do not have any friends or family to love, then get out, find some (safe) interesting groups to join AND volunteer at a shelter or some other charity close to your heart and you will soon have more “those you loves and those who love you” than you will have time for. … and what a problem that is to have.

#WP #October #Happy #Joy #Family #HolidaySeason

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Yikes! Stop Putting Yourself at Risk


Yikes! We’ve got another security breach on a major player on the internet.

Yep, there’s been another security breach. A big one.

Yahoo tells us that our personal data has once again
been stolen by cyber scum, who were apparently
raised by wolves and never learned right from wrong.

Though we are hearing about it today, it apparently happened
a couple of years ago, which means much of the damage has
probably been done.

You should still change your passwords.

We can't always stop security breaches so limit your risk by limiting what gets stolen. #CyberSecurity #email Click To Tweet

Here is some simple advice to limit your risk in a breach, sort of like using an umbrella
during a rain shower to limit your probability of getting wet.

The rain is still gonna happen, and you are most likely going to get a little wet,
but if you have done a little prep in advance, you should not get soaked.

First things First.

Create a couple of email accounts ( I recommend at least 3) at a free email
service like yahoo (I know!), outlook live, or gmail. Make them ONLY for the
purpose of being used on the internet, and PLEASE don’t make them your
name-initial-and year born. Make them something less…personal.

Create one for social media sites and one for online newsletters or other
offers you sign up for or opt in to, and one for important banking stuff.
And only use them for what they were created for.

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Make sure it is NOT the same one you use for your personal email and
certainly do NOT add any of your friends and family to your contact list
in these emails, that way IF (when)  you get hacked or breached, you
do not cause problems for them by getting them onto spam lists,
or worse yet…hacked.

Make your passwords tough ones. SERIOUSLY tough-especially
the one for banking stuff. Have it generated for you by a password
generator- you can find one online by googling password generator.

Write your emails and their passwords down OFFLINE somewhere.
I keep all my stuff in two separate address books (one for ready use
and one for backup), stored in two separate places, AND be sure to
update them every time you make any changes to those emails
or passwords.

I hear you griping.

NO IT IS NOT TOO HARD OR TOO MUCH WORK. There are only three,
for pete’s sake.There are certain things in life that must be done in order
to do certain other things, and you suck it up, put on your grown up panties,

We go through pregnancy and labor to have our babies, we go through
HUGE hassles to get a mortgage to buy our home, we clean our houses
(eventually), we brush our teeth everyday, so as not to gross others out
when we talk to them and don’t end up with gum disease, and we go to
work everyday, and that really can be way too much work
(see what I did there?), because we want the money.

In other words, IF you want to play in the big world, you have to do a
few things to make it work correctly.


When were you born, and where do you live again?

The other thing I might mention, though it is against the TOS
(terms of service) of most platforms, is that many people have
a fake bio of personal data that does not have accurate birthdays,
mother’s maiden names, addresses (both current or past), and
“favorite” answers to security questions… since all of those can
and ARE used to steal identities and cause other serious problems.

If you do this, you must also accurately write all this information
into those address books and keep it current, especially as to where
each bio is used, otherwise you may not be able to prove you
are YOU and regain access to your email/social accounts in the
event of a breach. (I do not recommend using false names)

You can also get a google voice or other online phone number
to use on those email/social platforms. Those numbers can usually
be set up with voice mail that is sent to text to your cell phone.

And last but not least, a bit of scam defense.

I am hoping everyone already knows to Never EVER EVER EVER,
give your social security number to anyone on the phone, in an email
or on an online site, regardless of who SEEMS  to be asking.
NO legitimate source, not a bank, not the IRS, not even God will
ever email you or call you to get this info. Promise.
(and if they do, SHAME ON THEM, and still do not give them the info)

Never click on any link inside of any email that is sent to you
from any where (including paypal or other banking or credit card sites),
that is asking you to update your information, email address etc.
Signing in from that link gives cyber pukes your login information
and now they can steal your identity.

If you want to update those things, YOU type the url address into
the url address bar in a separate browser window and go to the site
from there, NOT from inside of the email that you received.

(a url address for those who do not know – is the internet address
where a site is located on the [world wide web] internet -usually
ending in dot com/biz/net/org/name/ or other dot something’s)

Whose calling, Please? It’s most likely not who you think it is.

And while I am at it, PLEASE do not give anyone who calls
you any information about you or your family, or believe for
one nano second that your favorite grandson or daughter is
stranded while backpacking in some exotic local, or that they
are unlawfully being held in a foreign jail and need bail money
or money for an attorney.  It is 99.999% not true, (I hope).

Not even if little “Tubby Cubby” calls you himself to ask for
the money. The reason you can’t hear him that well is NOT
due to a bad connection or bad phone lines in a 3rd world country,
it is solely so you can not tell that it is not really his voice,
because HE is not calling you.

Hang up, take a deep breath, call family members to find out
– call police and ask them, as these are all scams that have been
successfully used to steal identities and the life savings of many people,
especially older people who have no idea about cyber crimes
or how phone scams work-both based on how easy it is to get
personal information about us and then make us believe they
are legitimate.

Just do not believe any call that comes in about anything.
Hang up, and VERIFY yourself and NOT by calling the phone
number they gave you. 

While I am not a lawyer, a member of law enforcement, a
security authority in anyway, I am concerned with the ease
that these criminals can get useful information from decent people.

These are not all the things that can be done, nor are any
of them a guarantee that you will not be hacked. You most likely will.

But these do help in stopping the scum slobs from getting too much
useful information from us, and right now that seems the best we can hope for.

Now go get those emails.

To Your Online Success & Safety,

Add Value Before You Ask For The Prize

Don’t ask for the win too soon.

When you ask TOO early in the process
“What would it take to get your business?”
You need to realize it is the same as saying, 

“Hi.  My name is Tom. 
I sell marketing to small businesses like yours.
Can we have sex now?”

Come on! 
Who would do that? You’d be surprised!
You’ve got to Slow down, partner.
You need to provide value and build a relationship FIRST. Click To Tweet
The old Know, Like & Trust stairsteps are relevant because
that is how people tend to respond to those they will eventually
form a relationship with, especially a business one.

When you go for the prize BEFORE you have shown value of any kind, 
the potential client thinks  “Who the heck ARE you, anyway and why are you in my face?”
'Who the heck ARE you, anyway & why are you in my face?' Click To Tweet
Don’t waste your time or the time of a potential client, and don’t eliminate

yourself from the game before you have even given yourself a chance by
jumping the gun and being obnoxious.

Before you hope to gain someone as a client,
You need to woo ‘m and wow ‘m, 
only then can you win ‘m.

For The Win,


The Maker Age


The Maker Age.

I loathe that term.

According to Wikipedia

The maker culture is a contemporary culture or subculture representing
a technology-based extension of 
DIY culture[citation needed] that intersects with hacker culture (which is less concerned with physical objects as it
focuses on software) and revels in the creation of new devices as well as 
tinkering with existing ones. The maker culture in general supports
open-source hardware. Typical interests enjoyed by the maker culture
include engineering-oriented pursuits such as 
3-D printing, and the use of CNC tools, as well as more traditional
activities such as 
metalworkingwoodworking, and, mainly, its predecessor,
the traditional 
arts and crafts. The subculture stresses a cut-and-paste
approach to standardized hobbyist 
technologies, and encourages cookbook
re-use of designs published on websites and maker-oriented publications.
[1][2] There is a strong focus on using and learning practical skills and applying
them to reference designs

Roll my eyes.

…or how about this excerpt from Time Magazine

The maker movement, as we know, is the umbrella term for independent inventors,  designers and tinkerers. A convergence of computer hackers and traditional artisans, the  niche is established enough to have its own magazine, Make, as well as hands-on Maker  Faires that are catnip for
DIYers who used to toil in solitude

Laugh like a loon and choke on my quinoa
What the hell is the matter with you people?

Those are the nicest things I say and do when I read that crap.

First off, Please accept my half-hearted apologies in advance, but
I am going to be snarky and that may hurt some feelings. If so, well OK,
I’m sorry…I guess.


Secondly, Here’s what happened.

While researching for a business & economics article I am writing on the
Industrial Age and the changing world, I came across several “ideas” that
espoused the notion that the Industrial Age was being replaced by the
Maker Age or the Maker Culture

I’ve heard the word “maker” a lot in the last decade, and each time I hear it I wince.
It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

It always makes me think of a group of soft-handed, fluffy, humans with no clue that what they have just discovered they could do (make stuff) had actually been being done by gazillions of other (less soft-handed and fluffy) humans for millennia.


Yes, I know this may come as a shock to a lot of people, but people have been “makers” since time began, with a select few pausing (in the western world)

People have been makers since time began #IndustrialAge #ArtisanRenaissance Click To Tweet

during the last 3 decades when fresh out of university, they considered
themselves too intelligent to be bothered with changing the oil in their
car, or gasp, changing the flush valves on their toilet (a feat that takes a
youtube video (or not) and less than 10 minutes when done by a “normal”
person vs days when a plumber is called) but warrants a trophy when
accomplished by a “maker”

The world is full of competent, capable, useful men and women who just
“did stuff” and went on with their day, not giving it much thought.  They
were called handy, builders, creators, artists, coders, etc… but never “makers”

So, bottom line, anyone who is not a soft-handed “urbanite” has been a
“maker” their whole life

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Technology. And Techies- those awesome peeps with hoodies & Macs. Some of my best friends are “techies” and I lived for
“Star Trek”

They can be great as friends, especially when your computer crashes or
you need a script written,  but you just can NOT allow them to run wild
and name things. Not terms for things they come up with (can you say JIFS??),
not their kids, and certainly NOT entire era’s. They will screw it up EVERY time.

They take words that are already in use and just start using them (incorrectly), redefining them to mean what they want them to mean (when queried) which
really makes no sense when they could just have one of their other “maker”
friends come up with a new word for their new tech discovery.

Which brings me back to “Makers”
Could a name of a movement BE any dumber?


It sounds like something a child came up with when they could not think of the right word to use. You know, like “someone who eats” is an Eater.
“Hey mom, look at that Eater over there eating an ice cream. Can I have one, too?”

Yes, technically, they ARE an eater, but no one would actually call them eaters.
Not as a term that describes what they do while occupying their spot in history’s timeline


If you ARE going to coin a new word for a new era in history, why not choose a cool one, or a pretty one or a really “outrageous” one, or even just a regular one like renaissance revival or something, but “maker”?  Hell NO, and no thanks. That is just too stupid.

Renaissance means a cultural rebirth and sounds so melodic and Artisan just sounds cool. So, how about Artisan Revivalist or Artisan Renaissance. Yes!!
That’s it. I love it. Either one works.

The new #era in #history is official “The Artisan Renaissance” #ArtisanRenaissance #IndustrialAge Click To Tweet
So, the new era in history is officially termed “The Artisan Renaissance”.

Here is how it will look in wiki, when it gets there.

The Artisan Renaissance

The natural follow-up to the fall of industrialism with its “every robot for himself mentality”, to the “let’s make it ourselves and make it special” era.
An era of robust building and creation where everyone who wants to
succeed can.

.The Artisan Renaissance Age. Yep. I just coined a phrase and a really cool one.
My work here appears to be done.

So, I bid you…
You’re Welcome.




Shame on You!

When can we shame?

I’m writing this because it needs to be said.

There is a solid distinction between who should feel shame
and those who should not, and sadly the popular notion d’jour
makes no distinction between them and simply decrees “shame is bad.”

Under certain circumstances, shame is OK (and deserved)
and we need to stop telling everyone not to feel it.

Some people need to feel it and deserve to feel it.

If you like hurting babies, kids, animals and old people then SHAME ON YOU.
It is not OK to do those things or to be someone who enjoys doing things like that.

“Who says?”

I do.
Your parents (hopefully),
Your neighbors,
People on social media,
Society as a whole,
the golden rule,
…and GOD.

I don’t care what silly useless magazine, talk show host or guest, or internet site
told you that shame was bad, wrong or unnecessary. For people like you, It’s not,
and You should be ashamed of yourself.


So go right ahead. FEEL the shame. Wallow in the shame. Own the shame
Then STOP THE HELL DOING shameful things.

Now, when and if you stop doing those things, make restitution to those you hurt-
sometimes you can’t-but you can at least acknowledge what you did and that it was wrong and then ask forgiveness from them (with little expectation of receiving it
-since you don’t deserve it)

you can let go of the shame and move forward with the changes you MUST DO so as NOT to do those shameful things ever again

If you can not do this on your own, then seek professional help, as it MUST BE DONE.  (not so much the ridding of your shame but more the stopping of the shameful things you like to do)

When is shame wrong, silly and just downright dumb?

The wheels in our head goes, Shame, Shame, Shame.

Feeling shame for something you have/had no control over is dumb
and moreover a major waste of time and energy. You need to reject it,
eradicate it, refuse to feel it, and dump it.

You do not get to take ownership or responsibility for something you did not
do or make happen, so unless YOU were the bad guy DOING THE BAD STUFF TO OTHER PEOPLE,  let it go. The shame is NOT yours.

When someone does something bad, hurtful or damaging to you,
Especially if you were younger, weaker or unable to stop them.

I am as serious as a heart attack in a closet without a doctor or a phone.

There are some really bad people in this world, who do really bad things
to other people and animals, and when that happens they sometimes
not only leave behind the obvious damage they did, but sometimes a
sense of shame can develop in the victim.

That is wrong and if the victim does nothing to get rid of the shame, then
basically the victim is inadvertently continuing a form of the abuse.

It is NEVER OK to feel shame when you are the victim. Never.
Notice that the word EVER is included in NEVER.

If thinking it through logically and pragmatically does not eliminate any
shame you may have allowed to develop and stay, COMPLETELY- AND I DO MEAN COMPLETELY, then you MUST seek professional help. The shame must go and if it takes a professional to help you, then by golly, so be it.

… Go, and make it so!


Disclaimer: Please READ. Remember, I am NOT a doctor or medical professional of any kind, so if you see yourself in this post, you may need to contact a professional to deal with your behavior, the shame or lack thereof.


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