Can I Pick Your Brain?


Can I pick your brain? “I would just love to pick your brain over a cup of coffee.” “Hey, would you mind doing me a huge favor and look over my project? My ebook? My idea? My business? Translation: “Hey would you mind handing me 200 bucks out of your pocket?” or “Hey, I would […]

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Are Parents Too Distracted by Technology?


Parents Start Your Engines. It’s almost time for your six plus month abandonment of your family. Huh? That’s right, according to Nielsen, the average person is way too distracted with technology and now spends 11 hours a day ON gadgets -and 7 hours and 15 minutes of that time is spent on TV, smart phones and computers. That is […]

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How Followers Start Your Movement


A leader needs followers. Otherwise he is simply one lone person and one lone person can’t do nearly as much as a giant “movement” Starting a movement based on your passion is not only fantastic (unless you AND your passion are screwed up and hate filled), but pretty much necessary IF your passion includes helping others, making a difference or […]

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Welcome October


October!. The beginning of the “Most wonderful time of the year.” From October 1st thru January 3, I am in either Seventh Heaven or Hog Heaven (depending on how well you like me) and thoroughly Loving every single day. The cool crisp air that turns into (sort of) cold air with warm comfort foods and […]

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