Who Is Kymmberly & Why Should Anyone Care?

               DoOver & Accountability Coach

Sometimes known as:


A  Woman On A Mission,
A  Woman of Faith
A  Proud Family Empowerment Advocate

What do I stand for & believe in?

God 1st~Family 2nd~Then Business. Business. Business

I Business & everything about it. I live to Love business.

I also live to help Moms, Dads, Boomers, Late Bloomers,
& Couch Potatoes to build a Pr31 Homebased or Laptop Lifestyle
which I believe enriches everyone, which empowers the Family,
and makes the world a better place for everyone.

I’ve built several businesses alone and with family.
Can you say, haunted house?

Most of the businesses were in varied niches as well as
comprised of different business models, so, in other words,

… you name it … I “get it”

I even know what it is to lose it all… thank you “Crash of 08”
Bitmoji Image

So, if yo decided to FINALLY figure out why you were put here,
what you were created to BE so you can DO what you were created
to DO, you have come to the right place

…regardless of your age or what your life was like “before”

Let’s get started so you don’t waste any more time.

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