Who Is Kymmberly & Why Should Anyone Care?

               DoOver & Accountability Coach

Sometimes known as:

 Kymmberly ~ Woman On A Mission

What do I stand for & believe in?

God 1st~Family 2nd~Then Business. Business. Business

I Business & everything about it. I live to Love business.

I also LOVE bacon-almost as much as business.  I probably should have gone into the bacon business, but there is not much call for paying people to eat bacon, no matter how effusively they can do it… just sayin.

I also love Books. Especially books about business. Not really books about bacon. (that’s odd, isn’t it?), unless it’s a picture book.  Just books about business and almost everything that pertains to business.

I’m writing one right now. A book. A business book about business.
(Sometimes, I eat bacon while I think about what to write, but who wouldn’t, right?)

Anyway, I’ll let you know when it is finished, so you can buy it. I’ll want you to.
Buy it, that is. That way I will be able to bring home MORE bacon. (that was a good one, wasn’t it?)

Bacon, Books & Business Rock 

            … Did I mention Bacon?

I also love humor. A sense of humor is a must in a healthy life
and if you don’t have one, you need to go GET one, ’cause you
won’t last 15 seconds around me without one, and you really DO
want to hang around me, cause I’ve got the stuff.

OK…. Enough about the Bacon Already

My Passions & Purpose besides bacon (oops…sorry!) Include:

being a Live Life “On Purpose” Advocate,
helping to Build Empowered Families,
creating Healthy Boomers who Live Young, Long, & Prosper
teaching YOU to Know Your Worth, and to BE what
you were created to BE so you can
DO what you were created to Do in order to
Live Life By The Book & on Your Terms
(which [here on my site at least] are God’s terms- not the world’s broken messed up terms) and God’s terms are gonna be best anyway

I teach PAUSE. It’s my system for success in life and I am sold on it.

Abundant Finances
Unwavering Faith
Strong Family & Self Awareness
Empowered by the Actions from their combined strengths

as the building blocks for
success in life,
an empowered Family &
a strong community

…and a strong empowered community is not only
a better community but one that can CHANGE THE WORLD.

My Mission & Vision

My mission is to
“Change the World. One Person, One Family, One Business at a Time”
I expect to make a difference in this world by “living, breathing and DOING” my purpose with passion,  and helping others to discover & do the same with theirs.

It is my belief that this will bring on the realization of my vision, which is a world full of happy healthy empowered people living “Life By The Book” and doing what they were created to Do, because they know who they were created to BE.

[ My mission and vision are VERY important parts of who I am and why I do what I do, and while I do see humor in almost everything (and love being that way) and it’s hard to squelch the twinkle in my eye,

I also thoroughly believe that there is a line that separates being a serious person and treating something seriously, and that is where my mission and vision sit.

      Bottom line: I am quite serious about them both, which is really just smart,
      because when I accomplish them, the world will hear more laughter while          it sees a twinkle in almost every eye.
(see how I did that-brought them both full circle?) ]

So, If you’ve read this far (you are my Hero), if living by default has not worked well for you, and you want to make the changes that will get you the life you were born to live , then let’s get together and see if what I do can work for you.

Life. On Purpose & By The Book.  Let’s make it happen together.

Know. Be. Do. Bless
Go, and make it so!

P.S Have you tried Maple Bacon? Tastes like candy. Pop over to YouTube and check out the channel of “The Stay At Home Chef”.  She has a Spicy Maple Candied Bacon recipe that ROCKS



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