Don’t ask for the win too soon.

When you ask TOO early in the process
“What would it take to get your business?”
You need to realize it is the same as saying, 

“Hi.  My name is Tom. 
I sell marketing to small businesses like yours.
Can we have sex now?”

Come on! 
Who would do that? You’d be surprised!
You’ve got to Slow down, partner.
You need to provide value and build a relationship FIRST. Click To Tweet
The old Know, Like & Trust stairsteps are relevant because
that is how people tend to respond to those they will eventually
form a relationship with, especially a business one.

When you go for the prize BEFORE you have shown value of any kind, 
the potential client thinks  “Who the heck ARE you, anyway and why are you in my face?”
'Who the heck ARE you, anyway & why are you in my face?' Click To Tweet
Don’t waste your time or the time of a potential client, and don’t eliminate

yourself from the game before you have even given yourself a chance by
jumping the gun and being obnoxious.

Before you hope to gain someone as a client,
You need to woo ‘m and wow ‘m, 
only then can you win ‘m.

For The Win,



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